11oct 10
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Vidéos : les Sugababes se parodient dans Grow A Girl

La semaine dernière, les Sugababes se sont auto-parodiées sur ITV2, avec l'aide de Katy Brand. Elles ont ainsi transformé leur titre About A Girl en Grow A Girl, se moquant ainsi du turn-over avéré au sein du groupe et de leur réputation de pestes. Retrouvez ci-dessous paroles et clip parodie, ainsi que le making of.

Côté carrière, tout va pour le mieux pour les filles. Amelle n'a plus le droit de conduire pour une durée de 14 mois, après avoir été arrêtée pour conduite en état d'ivresse le mois dernier. De son côté, Heidi a été hospitalisée après être tombée en sortant de la douche.

Grow A Girl

White wine

You say I'm bitchy, right?
You think I'm starting fights
My bark's a good sound byte
But that is all (that is all)

I pull a pissed off face
You say I'm spraying mace
I'm leaving just in case
There is a brawl (there is a brawl)

But in the night
We're scared we might
Have a big fight
Leaving one space free

We need to try and grow a girl
So we call up Gardener's World
And they said start her off with Baby Bi-i-io
As her arms moved to and fro
We'll make her flaunt her sexy curves
But not too tarty like a cheap ho-o-o-o

(So we go sprinkling)

Oh oh Baby oh Baby Bio
Oh oh Baby Bio

We found the Sugababe sound goes round like a carousel
Got new members in the shed growing very well

We'll grow a Sugababe
We'll tell her what to say
Show her our pissed off dance
And how to strop (and how to strop)

Oh no it's going wrong!
She doesn't know our songs
She makes up her own words
'Bout walking off (walking off)

Turn off the lights
She don't look right
Gave us a fright
You've grown a Freak Like Me

I'm so ready to take over
So just press the button and let me grow
I promise I won't shout and bitch and moan
I'll be the Sugababe you can contro-o-ol

We've grown a nice new girl
We're gonna take over the world
It doesn't matter that she looks like a right weirdo-o-o
She's vowed she won't shit stir
Abuse she will not hurl
We've hidden all the sharp things she could thro-o-ow

So we're still sprinklin'

Oh oh Suga Ba-aby Bio
Suga Baby Bio
Oh oh Suga Ba-aby Bio
Suga Baby Bio

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